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Are you good in problem solving? Do you like numbers, games, puzzles, and complicated problems? By studying Mathematics at 亚博网站最新 (CSUCI), you'll receive a rigorous, rewarding education that will help you succeed in any field.

We offer:亚博网站最新


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, with the following emphases:


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As a Mathematics student at CSUCI, you will enjoy small class sizes, easy access to professors, and a solid foundation in Mathematics and Statistics. You will develop critical thinking, mathematical, computational and technological skills that enable you to analyze and propose solutions to real-world problems in many areas, including information sciences, statistics, finance, imaging, artificial intelligence, modeling and other technology-based fields.

Our M.S. in Mathematics program is interdisciplinary and innovative in nature, and offers a flexible schedule with highly qualified faculty. It is designed to address the global need for people with advanced mathematical, computational, and computer skills throughout the industry, high-tech, and educational systems. Students will acquire a strong background in mathematics and computer software, as well as the skills to conduct independent applied research or develop independent projects.

Your future亚博网站最新

You will be prepared for teaching, graduate studies (in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education, or the mathematical sciences) or for employment in high-tech and biotech industries. Mathematics graduates offer strong analytical and quantitative skills that are sought by a wide range of employers.

Top careers include:亚博网站最新

  • Mathematician
  • Actuary
  • Astronomer
  • Computer software designer
  • Cryptographer
  • Economist
  • Computer graphics Engineer
  • Financial analyst
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Professor

Your future income亚博网站最新

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career.

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