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Emergency Information at CSUCI is a collaborative effort between the University's Police Department and Communication & Marketing to keep the campus community informed during emergencies. In the event of an actual emergency or dangerous incident on campus, the University will notify the campus using a variety of communication tools.

These tools include announcements over campus loudspeakers, emails, calls, and text messages sent through the CSUCI Alert system, the University’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, information provided on our Information Hotline at 805-437-3911, our online News Center, and banners found at the top of our website.

All CSUCI students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled to receive campus emails through the CSUCI Alert system. However, to receive more timely notifications, we strongly encourage you to opt-in your mobile number for calls and text messaging. Plus, you may enroll up to three (3) additional mobile numbers to receive calls and text messages for parents, siblings, or friends. You may also enroll up to three (3) other email accounts.

There is no charge to subscribe to the CSUCI Alert notifications, but call and text messaging fees from cell phone service providers may apply.

Students, faculty and staff may verify or update their CSUCI Alert contact information via myCI, click on your profile name, and select "Alert Settings." If the information shown is incorrect, please update and click "Save" at the bottom of the page before exiting.

To learn more about the CSUCI Alert system, review a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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